BusinessComplianceClick was formed to provide small to medium sized businesses with a robust and proactive service that will enable organisations to comply with the requirements of Health & Safety and Human Resource Legislation and Regulations. The founders come from a variety of business backgrounds including, health & safety, facilities management, property and small business management, personnel and employment law.

Our aim is to offer a service, which will enable all "subscribers"

  • To create or improve business practices within their working environment
  • To ensure understanding and compliance with current legislation
  • To actively manage processes and the working environment for the benefit of staff and visitors.
  • To help demonstrate effective risk and staff management to their Insurer thereby aiding the purchase of Liability Insurance and promote a comfortable and informed working environment

BusinessComplianceClick appreciates that red tape and complying with legislation can be both expensive and a burden for businesses, especially smaller businesses.

We have developed this valuable Website, written in practical and plain-English, making it a simple one-stop-shop for business managers to understand and manage your workplaces confidently and effectively. Giving you a safety net of Experts who at the click of a button can provide support and advice on request.