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Contact and Company Details for Health and Safety Click Limited:

Registered Address:

Health and Safety Click Limited
U12 Saxonville,
South Benfleet,

Company Number: 4228021

Vat Registration Number:778115115

Telephone    - 0843 2897558
 Email - enquiries@healthandsafetyclick.net


If you have any difficulties with our site or require specific health and safety information contact the relevant department below:
Sales -
If you have any questions relating to the purchasing of the Health&SafetyClick services please contact us.
Contact - Rosalind Klass - MD (07748 323 832)
Email - sales@healthandsafetyclick.net
Membership -
If you have any difficulties with our site, service or require specific health and safety information, please contact us.

Contact  Val Rozga  (07507 833 963)
Email - membership@healthandsafetyclick.net

Tel :    0843 2897558


Partnership -
Should you be interested in the Health&SafetyClick Partnership Scheme, please contact us.
Contact - Val Rozga (07507 833 963)
Email - valr@healthandsafetyclick.net
Accounts -
If you have a query about your Membership Account details, please contact our Accounts Department.  
Contact - Accounts Dept.
Email - accounts@healthandsafetyclick.net

Tel :     0843 2897558


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